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Copier Rental


Which is Better? Buying or Renting A Copier In Singapore?

In this digital era, many of them are digital copies which need to be scanned and sent to different recipients. Hence, a photocopier in Singapore is a necessity in an office nowadays.

Copier machines are one of the most essential tools in any office. They are vital for making copies of documents, saving paper, and storing important information for future use. Copier machines have been around for decades but they have become more sophisticated and better with time. Companies continue to invest in these devices as they earn more profits from their investments. However, copy machines come with a hefty price tag that can be quite overwhelming for small businesses or start-ups that do not have enough money in reserve for such an important purchase.

When it comes to deciding whether to buy or rent, the decision will depend on many factors.

Renting is a better option if you need to use the machine for a short time period. If you need the machine for the long term or if it has to be replaced with another model, then buying is the best option as it will ensure that you have access to this service.

Copier Rental can be an expensive business for smaller companies especially if they own only one machine. However, there are some benefits to renting such as machine usage tax being avoided, no need for capital investment, and flexibility in equipment selection.

Buying a copier would be better if you operate in a region with heavy demand for high volume copying which means that more than 30 copies per hour is needed.

In a nutshell, If you only need a photocopier machine for a year, renting rather than buying is the better option. This is due to the fact that most lease agreements are for at least two years.
Clients that needs a photocopier machine for a shorter period of time without having to commit to an unnecessary capital investment can benefit from renting.

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Why Choose All Best as your Copier Rental Singapore Provider

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Well-Trained Tech

-nicians Islandwide

With more than 10 well-trained Technicians island wide to provide prompt technical support to ensure customer’s smooth operation.

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No Hidden Fees, 100% Transparency

All-Best shows full transparency of our pricing to the customers in our website. No Hidden fees that will scare you when you see the bill later.


Long Years of Experience

Established since 1991, All-Best Printcopy & printing has been providing Rental , Sales and Lease of office equipment and business solutions to customers.


Trade-In Available

Our trade-in service is designed to help organisations with the disposal of old copiers and printers. We offer to buy back copiers or printers, providing a quick and easy 


Best Copier Leasing / Copier Rental Singapore

Only at $4.50 Per day for Brand New Machine Rental

No Gimmicks, No Hidden Charges - Your Reliable Partner For Copier Rental/Leasing.


What Type Of Copier Machines Can All Best Offer

All Best copier company will offer a wide range of options in terms of copier rental or lease. We also offer refurbished or used machines at a lower price known as our Recon Copiers. The rates are relatively competitive for different types of lease contracts - one year, three years, five years etc.

If you are looking to buy a copier machine, you should consider different things before your purchase. First, you have to consider the size of your office and how many employees work there. You will need a machine that can accommodate all their needs and it has to be efficient enough to provide them with fast and high quality services. Second, you need to think about the volume of the office space. This is going to affect its energy consumption and maintenance costs. You should also think about the financial aspect of the business, which includes whether or not you want to lease or purchase your machine as well as if there are any current promotions available from the manufacturer at this time.

All Best offer a wide range of services, including photocopier rental, leasing and purchase. Fuji Xerox copiers are the most popular machine on the market today. It has many advantages over other brands, including a low upfront cost and low maintenance cost. The best copiers have been made to last so you won't have to worry about investing in one that will break down before you get your money back.

Copier rental/leasing starts as low from SGD$3.00 per day, no hidden charges, 100% transparency. our experienced technicians are always in standby, ready in case of any Copier maintenance / technical issue that comes up.

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BRAND NEW Fuji Xerox Apeos PORT-VC3376/ VC5576
Enjoy Free Rental for The 1st Month OR Free Vouchers Up to $80!

Exclusive Time Limited Deal!
5+5 Year Warranty (New Machine)

Get Free Price Quote Today

Featured Copier

APEOSPORT - IVC5570 / C4470 / C3370 / C3371 / C2270

Revolutionary environmental technologies

  • Print, Copy and Scan

  • Optional Faxing is available too

  • True 1,200 × 2,400 dpi print resolution

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use colour user interface

  • Print up to 55ppm black and white, 50 ppm colour

  • Security features for demanding office environments

  • High-impact colour with built-in control and accounting features


Brand New Copier-Fuji Xerox


Fax solutions available

  • Including walk-up, Internet Fax and IP faxing

  • Innovative 9-inch, colour user interface

  • Continuous Copy Speed - 35 / 45 / 55 ppm

  • Improve the way you work with full-colour scanning

  • Open architecture technology enables personalised and customised document management solutions


Recon Machine-Fuji Xerox


Features & Functions

  • Memory capacity : 4GB

  • Print resolution : 1200 x 1200dpi

  • Scanning resolution : 600 x 600dpi

  • Dimension: W60 x D685 x H1128mm

  • Printout : 28sec or less / 50ppm to A4 (colour)

  • Colour copy, Network printer, Scan and Fax

  • Scan to email / FTP/ SMB/ USB storage device

  • Automatic 2 sided printing, Automatic document feeder

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